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Success Story Archive

Wheels of business turn rapidly for startup Boyd Cycling

Nicole and Boyd Johnson started making handcrafted road performance bicycles and wheels in September of 2009. Within the first year, they decided to focus on the production of their carbon fiber and alloy wheels and started Boyd Cycling in Greenville. Made for avid riders, their wheels are designed to be fast, comfortable and provide a better ride.

Carbon fiber is a stiff, strong, lightweight material perfect for performance riding, but due to cost, wheels made of this material were traditionally used only by riders on race day. With advancements in carbon and epoxies, these wheels have become more durable and affordable meaning an average rider can now enjoy these high quality wheels on a daily basis.

According to Nicole Johnson, sales have doubled every year since Boyd Cycling began. The company website, www.BoydCycling.com, features a variety of wheel products, as well as brakes and riding accessories such as bags for wheel storage.

While the couple started out building wheels themselves, the Johnsons now handle sales, marketing and engineering. The company now has ten employees including four wheel builders.


News Archive

Federal Government Meets Commitment to U.S. Small Businesses

By Cassius Butts, Regional Administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration

As Regional Administrator for the Southeast Region for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), I am proud to announce our federal government met its small business federal contracting goal for the first time in eight years, thanks to the SBA and President Obama’s commitment to increasing small business contracting opportunities. In Fiscal Year 2013, our government awarded 23.39 percent in federal contracts to small businesses which is $83.1 billion of eligible contracting dollars according to SBA’s Small Business Procurement Scorecard.

Advancement and progress continues in several small business prime contracting categories. The SBA has increased its efforts and collaboration with all federal agencies to broaden opportunities for our small businesses to compete and qualify for federal contracts. Furthermore, the Obama Administration has accelerated payments to small businesses through the “QuickPay” program so small business owners can maintain cash flow to grow their businesses. Additionally, the private sector’s equivalent, SupplierPay will support private sector contracting for small businesses.

We all know that when small businesses earn federal contracts, it’s a ‘win-win’ for small businesses, the innovative job creators who fuel the nation’s economy, and the federal government.

As Regional Administrator, my goal is to ensure our small businesses continue to gain federal contracts to expand their opportunities and fuel the American economy. Therefore, you may wonder: what can my small business do to earn a share of federal contracts?


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