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Success Story Archive

IMG0580Beach, Blues, & Boogie

For more than 25 years, Pat Patterson has moved to the beat of a different drum–his own. As a teen, Pat played the drums, providing the background rhythms for several bands. While still in high school, he found yet another outlet for his passion for music: he became a deejay, entertaining audiences with his over-the-top personality, crazy antics and wholly unique playlists.

Fast forward to 2003. Still eccentric, still vivacious, and still a music devotee, Pat hadn’t changed, but his realm of influence had. Thanks to a radio station in Johnston, SC, Pat hit the air waves hosting a live radio show. Despite being a rookie, Pat’s off-the-charts charisma created a sensation. In short order he attracted the attention of Greenwood, SC’s, Sunny 103.5 FM, which recruited him to emcee the Sunny Beach Party. As his legion of loyal listeners grew, Pat moved to WKRI 91.9 FM radio to host The Beat of the Beach, a daily broadcast featuring the sounds of summer.

Then, in 2009, just for kicks, Pat Patterson and his wife, Robin created the Large Time Radio Network (LTRN), an internet-based radio station introducing a novel music format featuring Beach, Blues and Boogie. Appealing to fans bored by tired, uninspired playlists, the popularity of LTRN surged. Pat’s decision to defy convention and air his unorthodox variety of music struck just the right chord–on average, LTRN listeners tuned-in for nearly six hours per day, more than tripling the industry average.

Five years later, in the first of many promising opportunities to come his way, the owners of WPCC 1410 AM, a radio outlet located in Clinton, SC, approached Pat with an offer to sell him the station. Pat immediately recognized the numerous strategic advantages inherent with this deal. In addition to helping a hometown station keep its 50+ year broadcast tradition alive, Pat could leverage the solid programming platform and listener base of his internet station. Ever the trailblazer, Pat wasted no time in pursuing a lease/purchase agreement that would officially confer ownership to him and add a licensed class D AM radio station to the LTRN business portfolio.



News Archive

google maps

The SC SBDC Partners with Google to Put Local Businesses on the Map

Small businesses are vital to South Carolina’s economic future. They play a large role in empowering our communities and growing local economies. Yet, despite statistics that show nearly 97 percent of all consumers look online for products and services, nearly 40 percent of small businesses in South Carolina do not have a web presence.

Fortunately, Google believes every small business should be found online. Today, through its innovative Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map programa new component of Google’s Get Your Business Online initiative–it is enabling small businesses throughout the US to establish a web presence through products such as Google Maps–for free.

As an Official City Partner of the Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map program, The SC SBDC collaborates with local organizations to ensure small businesses are taking full advantage of web- and location-based marketing opportunities. Spearheading the SC SBDC’s involvement is Nancy Williamson, certified business advisor for the Newberry Area.

“With 4 out of 5 people using search engines to find information on local businesses, being on the map matters.” said Williamson. “For small business owners in particular, it’s critical to establish an online presence so customers can find them quickly and easily. Even small, home-based businesses can have a free online presence to reach consumers in their service area.”



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