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Jumpstart Webinars

The SBDC has developed a three-part webinar series to provide information on a number of topics. Available on your schedule, these programs last approximately one hour. Each session includes resource links, templates or other information.

  • Jumpstart Part 1 address’ a number of feasibility issues, discuss the importance of choosing a legal structure and answer basic questions about tax and employee issues.
  • Jumpstart Part 2 is all about developing a business plan that you can use to guide the business and communicate your vision. Includes a full business plan outline document, items to include in Appendix, and resources for market research and support
  • Jumpstart Part 3 provides an overview of financial statements and building a financial plan for your business. Includes Excel file downloads for 1-year financial projections, links to IRS forms and credit resources, ‘source and use statement’ and more.

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